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Ear Candling and Its Benefits

Ear coning (candling) is an ancient treatment. It uses a hollow candle made of bees wax or paraffin. The outside is lit and smoke is drawn out from the bottom. The candle is then inserted into the ear. The swirling smoke draws out was, yeast and other toxins hidden in the ear canal and chambers. It is a very relaxing treatment and great for little kids, and those who suffer from sinuses, and yeast disorders, and those who have lost some hearing in the past.

Ear coning (candling) results from experiences; responses of clients and researchers indicate the effectiveness in the following areas:

  • Removal of ear wax from the ear canal (includes amounts impacted deep in the ear)
  • Detoxification of the sinuses resulting in relief from sinus headaches and impaction of sinuses
  • Detoxification of the musculature system with resultant structural benefits
  • Detoxification of the lymphatic and circulatory systems
  • Detoxification of heavy metals, mercury from silver fillings and chemical poisonings
  • Improves sense of smell, taste, eyesight, color perception and musical appreciation
  • Facilitates sharper mental functioning
  • Draws out Candida (yeast), fungus, mold, fat globules, mucus, worms, chaff, parasites, viruses, bacteria, residue from past yeast infections, residues of old medicine and/or recreational drugs
  • Draws out crystallized protein waste matter created from Candida (yeast), fungus, worms and parasites that have accumulated in the nerve endings of the ear
  • Helps eliminate ear pain, ringing in the ears and headaches
  • Corrects ear fluid imbalances causing dizziness, nausea and loss of balance
  • Drains fluid from cysts and watery sacs
  • Draws excess fluid from inner ear and middle ear, giving relief from acute and/or chronic ear infection
  • Reduction of associate Eustachian tube inflammation and obstruction
  • Stops chronic coughing caused by impacted ear wax pushing against a nerve in the ear canal, which stimulates the coughing reflex
  • Reverses partial or total hearing loss even after many years
  • Stimulates improvement of sound range acuity and depth
  • Aids in the relief from bladder and kidney infections
  • Aids in the relief of athlete’s foot and other fungal skin eruptions
  • Gives relief from swimmer’s ear, sensation of vertigo (imbalance), ear popping and the echo chamber sensation in the head
  • Improvement in your personality, enabling an overall sense of well- being

This is my newest service that has people talking, and will really have you hearing things.

EAR Candling, 60 minutes minimum

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