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Infant Massage

Why Massage Your Baby?

Cross-cultural studies have demonstrated that in societies where infants are held, massaged, rocked, breastfeed, and carried, that they, as adults, are less aggressive and violent; they are more cooperative and compassionate. Massaging your baby simply communicates love, releases tension and helps you better understand your baby's needs. For an infant, massage is much more than a pleasant experience. It is a tool for maintaining a child's health and well being on many levels. With continued use, massage can give your child a lifetime of health and vitality.

Massaging your baby is a beautiful way to begin a loving and lifelong relationship between a parent and a child or between the primary caregiver and the child.

Touch is a primal need and is essential for growth and development. It has the power to calm, nurture and help heal. Touch is the first of your senses to develop and usually the last to diminish. The power of human contact should never be underestimated.

Besides the physical benefits associated with infant massage, the emotional benefit to both the mother and the child are tremendous and immeasurable. It is a wonderful way for you to bond with your baby right from the day it is born.

Research indicates that babies who are massaged regularly experience the following:

• Improved Circulation
• Improved Digestion
• Weight Gain
• Improved sensory awareness
• Promotes emotional security, respect and a healthy body image
• Enhanced neurological development
• Deeper and sounder sleeping patterns
• Relief from the discomfort of teething, congestion and colic
• Reduced Stress


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