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Prenatal and Postnatal Massage

Prenatal massage is a great massage for women in the second and especially third trimesters of pregnancy. Here is a small list of benefits of prenatal massage:

  • 1st Trimester - It is relaxing and pampering. It relieves headaches from hormonal changes as well as helping with fatigue and morning sickness.
  • 2nd Trimester - Relieves backache, leg cramps, sciatic pain.
  • 3rd Trimester - May reduce edema. Same benefits as mentioned above and helps with body image. Also at 8 months the fetus can feel what is going on and it can be a very bonding experience for mother and baby.

Postnatal massage can help get the body back to its normal state and break up any adhesions before they become permanent scars. It can also help with postpartum depression.

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